Pieces from this body of work were shown in the 2011 Southwest Open at the West Wing Gallery in Swift Current, SK. The series received attention from OSAC judges and was in consideration for their "On the Move" travelling province-wide show.


The artworks focus on the prevalence of mental illness, specifically the way it manifests and how it is experienced. Mental and emotional problems can take root in a person in a seemingly insignificant way at first, starting as something small that can be ignored. That's what parasites do; it's how they establish themselves. But then they grow. They get larger, more threatening. They consume you. They sap your strength and your will to fight back, leaving you vulnerable to other, darker, scarier predators: self-loathing, social isolation, and eventually suicide.

Band merch and design, screen printing, digital painting, wood burning, acrylic & charcoal.

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